Alexis Nicole Bengston
Parents: James and Trish Bengston
Grandmother: Shelley Bengtson
Grandfather: Gene Bengtson
Maternal Grandparents: Leslie Arndt and Norman Arndt
Great Grand Parents: Ray and Jessie Waterman
Arrived: Thursday June 5th, 2008
Statistics: 8 pounds 7 ounces and  20 3/4 inches
I'm only an hour old but hey, don't I know you?
Welcome home Alexis, don't worry,
you are going to love it here.
If I keep a straight face everyone will think Grandma Shelley made that noise.
OK, If I'm going to be hanging out with you guys, lets get something more comfortable.
You want a smile? Take me to a Huskers game!
Great Grandpa Ray is cool and Great Grandma Jessie is a hoot!
Now will you get off my blankie?
Aunt Leona's house is a good place to meet relatives, like cousin Sydney.
Look at  me, sitting up and everything!
Won't be long before I crawl off this playground and get my own lunch.
Ahh - my first bear skin.
Hey Mom - What if we were twins?
In case you missed it, N is for Nebraska - Nebraska HUSKERS that is!
Hi Family, Just a note here to let you know who my favorite team is.
Check them out at
How about a big cheer for the  !!! Huskers !!!