Iain Ray Ka'aumoana. Moncrief
December 6, 2001
5:25 P.M.
7 pounds 1 ounce, 20.5 inches

this is my momma; deanna, she bought me the hat
hey; what you doing over there?
this is my great grandpa elmer, you should see his toy box, I mean tool shed.
tickle! tickle! tickle!  I think I'm gonna smile!
let me go mom; surf's up!.
one small step for Iain
easy does it.
You will never catch me now, mom.
Honest  Mom, I'm not hiding anything
Surprise !!!
Dreaming up more fun  - -
the hat came with the harley!
how high's the water mama?.
my proud papa.
.are you sure it said "swim suits optional"?
I'll bring up the rear

a funny thing happened to me on my way over here to-night...................
AAhhh, C'mon mom! just a little closer?
definitely something fishy going on around here!.
hawaiian ethnic food, powdered sugar jelly donut..
Someone is having tooo much fun!
Snorkeling with my Red-Baron look
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