Kale Bo Borisow
Born on May 30, 2006 at Fremont Area Medical Center at 7:04 pm
4 weeks early, 6lb 5oz, 20 inches long
Son of Tara Borisow
Grandson of Bo and Rhonda Borisow
Great Grandson of Wayne and Hannah Cornelius
Cousins Maiya and Hannah with Kale
Aunt Meghan and Cousin Maiya holding Kale
Grandma Rhonda and Kale
My tiny boy in his carseat
Kisses from cousin Hannah
Napping on his boppy
Bright eyes
Kale in his seat with his "bubba"
(don't tell his grandpa he has a doll!)
Kale in his carseat, yes his eyes are violet!
Kale with his cousins
his big smile
sleeping angel
Being surrounded by all those girls will not be that bad Kale, after you learn how to give them a bad time.
Top to bottom:
Alexis Marie Masters, Maiya Jan Masters, Hannah Lee Masters
and Kale
Uncle BJ with Kale and the girls.
Grandma Rhonda with Kale and the girls.
Kale with his Cousins,
Oldest with Brown hair Maiya Jan Masters, Alexis Marie Masters with the pink bow, and the youngest, Hannah Lee Masters
Mom with her little man
Kales first spong bath