Grandma Robin and Macy
Grandma Robin, big sister Makenzie and Jonah
Very proud big sister Makenzie
Mommy and Macy
Mommy feeding Jonah his first bottle
Jonah Albert Charles Rezac 7-26-09 8lbs 3 oz
Jonah at 3 weeks
Jonah at 3 weeks
Jonah 2 days old
Macy at 3 weeks
Macy 1 month old
Macy and Jonah.
Macy at 3 weeks
Macy and Jonah 3 weeks old
Macy Mercedes Lee Rezac 7-26-09 6lbs 3oz
Jonah 1 month old
Mother: Mikala Rezac
Grandparents: Robin and Joe Wojcik, and Joe Rezac
Great Grandparents: Hannah and Wayne Cornelius
Great Grandma Hannah and Jonah
to the latest set of TWINS in the
Martin Cornelius Family
Born on July 26 between 341 and 343am,
and ready to Rock and Roll!