Sydney Ann Goodman
Born at O'Connor Hospital, San Jose, CA
Sept 29, 2005 @ 4:29 pm
7 Lbs, 20 inches
Daughter of Jody Cornelius and Kevin Goodman
Granddaughter of Elmer and Linda Cornelius
Granddaughter of Shirley Ann 
Granddaughter of Susan O'Connor
Great Granddaughter of Mary Leona Cornelius
That was hard work mom, lets take a nap.
Proud Grandparents Elmer and Linda Cornelius admiring Sydney
Practicing her napping technique - good form Sydney!
Do I know you ???
Hey Mom, I like the red outfit.
Jody, Kevin and Sydney at home.
It's been a long photo-session
Neat TV chair
Grandpa is a comfortable bed
Thanks for changing that diaper Grandpa
My favorite couch, asleep or awake, but where did my hand go?
The reception commitee
I could try on new outfits all day
This shot should get me the part.
OK, so I'm too young for the daily dozen.  How about the daily 'three' to get in shape?
This solid food stuff is pretty good - where's my steak?
My favourite couch again zzzzzzzzzz
Mommy and me - I'm getting almost as big as mom!
Peek-a-boo, I see you
Where'd you go?
Where is everyone?
My first Easter visit with Mom and Dad to Grandpa and Grandma Cornelius' house.
At Scottish Games and Dances Woodland CA 2009
Helping Grandpa prep a walkway.