Makenzie Lyn Rezac
Born: 15 March 2002 weighing in at: 8 pounds.
Makenzie is the daughter of Mikala Rezac, granddaughter of Robin (Cornelius) Wojcik and Joe Rezac and great granddaughter of Wayne and Hannah Cornelius. 
sighhhhh; a girl just cant get enough rest
I'm ready for my close up now!
this is my serious look!
this is my grandma and grandpa, Robin and Joe!  I am blessed
Hannah Lee Masters
us girls gotta hang together!
Mikala Rezac and daughter Makenzie Lyn.
"bet you can't not smile!!!!!
"is this candid camera?"
"good one! do it again."
"you watch the birdie mama, I'll check out this action.
am I bugging you?
I am snug as a bug in this outfit.
Makenzie! thanksgiving night I will talk to anyone who will listen
Boy, this bug tastes better than those darn sweet potatoes.
Merry Christmas .2002
just an old fashion girl
I love these modern conveniences.
me and grannie
"happy 1st birthday to me".
I have grandma's nose
My best friend "Boogers".
swimming lessons - Grandma Robin, Claire (C.C.) Kern, Makenzie Rezac, Josh Kern
Halloween 2003 - wake me up for thanksgiving dinner.
this is how ginny c. keeps all us kids in line when we are at her house!  she sticks us in the dog bed!
my first gig - a star is born?.
To visit my other web sites, click the star:
happy birthday to meeee! two years old
I'm Flying ! !
Someone is swimming in my pool!
Hey Jordon, you want to trade?
Olympics here we come!
Clair testing the water
Josh ready to dive
Makenzie and Mikala
Makenzie lyn
ready for Grandma Robin and Joes' wedding.
Makenzie trying to get into something but she was caught!
"Who, Me??"
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Mommy's Birthday Angel (4th birthday)
I'm sitting here so pretty, now BRING ON THE PRESENTS!!
The whole birthday group..sitting with Kenzie is Lilly and Julian on the floor is Ethan, Dusty, Dylon, Alexis, Mayia and Hanna
Kenzie testing out the water
Kenzie and Julian at the park